Buckle up

Firstly, let me welcome you to my blog and THANK YOU for taking the time out to read what I have to say. I’m not entirely sure I’ll be the most interesting person to follow and read, but I’ll do my best to stay true to myself and keep you guys interested. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the greatest writer. I wish I could talk to you all directly, but as I’ve learned, the written (or typed, you get it) word is a powerful communicative tool.

Now, buckle up, friends.

My blog posts are going to be all over the place. Topics I’m sure to cover will be, but not limited to: college experiences, politics, foreign policy, relationships, crazy and weird situations I often find myself in, food, love, public figures, religion, friends, ideology, struggles, inspiration, LIFE(time) (Ok, I’m kidding. It’s crap).

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me you probably know I rapidly jump around to various topics while talking. I seldom ever focus on one thing unless the situation calls for it.  I love telling compelling stories and I hope I’m able to communicate them properly via my blog.

Criticism and comments are always welcome. This shouldn’t be me dictating my thoughts to you all while you sit there quietly and listen, as if we’re around a camp fire or something. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Did you love it?! Hate it? Intrigued by it? Indifferent (keep that to yourself, that’s just boring)?

This is going to be another avenue I’m going to use to help me navigate through this this amazing thing called life. This is something I’d rather not do alone, hence why I created this blog to share. I hope to make you all laugh, invoke critical thinking, self-evaluation, or at least something you’ll enjoy reading.

Please join me!



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  1. Looking forward to future posts!

  2. I like how you said give honest feedback. Because I will


  4. Dude, this is gonna be awesome. This one made me laugh out loud because I could practically hear you saying it! Which means you have strong voice in your writing, and maybe you should give yourself some more credit. 🙂

    Betta get it Larry!

  5. P.s. I also felt like I was in an iStar tour. “Buckle up…” Hahah 🙂

  6. Best of luck in your blogging journey. 🙂

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